What is Tutoring Club?
What advantages does Tutoring Club offer over other franchise opportunities?
What advantages does Tutoring Club offer to parents/students over other education concepts?
Can I own a Tutoring Club location and hire someone else to manage it?
Do I need to have a background in education to own/operate a Tutoring Club?
How much will it cost me to open a Tutoring Club location of my own?
How can I get more detailed information and/or inquire about a specific territory?

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Tutoring Club is an education franchise built on the idea of providing long-term, individualized academic assistance to students of all ages and abilities. From early learning to college preparation, we partner with parents and students for every step of the academic journey. Our proprietary curriculum and instruction help cater to the varied needs of a student population that spans from Kindergarten through High School.

Impact a Student. Impact a Community. As a mentor and educator, you have the direct authority – and ultimately, the power – to change your community one student at a time. You can choose to cut tomatoes at 6:00 am or you can wake up every morning knowing that you have the potential to enrich a child’s academic (and personal) trajectory.

Sell Something That Matters. We are in the business of making parents’ and students’ dreams come true. Although this venture certainly can yield a substantial monetary profit, it does not require the extensive sales experience (and high-pressure sales tactics) that other high-yield enterprises do.

Spend Time with People, Not Supplies. Very little management of inventory is needed, as our service is one that requires fewer tangible goods than most franchise models. Put simply, our business depends on people, not merchandise.

Put Your Stamp On It. Tutoring Club allows you the autonomy to put you own entrepreneurial DNA into your centers. Despite utilizing our proven methods and systems, you have the discretion and sovereignty to create a distinct environment all your own.

Feel Supported. Though new owners start their journey with an initial two-week training at our corporate headquarters and highest-performing centers, our guidance does not stop there; we stay with you every step of the way, providing ongoing education in sales, education, accounting, operations, marketing, and everything else. What’s more, you will have a strong base of fellow franchisees to lean on, including many who have owned locations for more than a decade.

Pursue Other Passions. With Tutoring Club, you will have the time to enjoy life outside of the workplace (although we believe this ‘work’ will never truly feel like work). Parents can enjoy the same days off as your children, while non-parents can enjoy non-traditional three-day weekends and extended holiday breaks.

We don’t just hand students packets and we don’t only tutor one subject—we have programs designed to help students in all academic disciplines from early learning through college preparation. With Tutoring Club, parents can experience the joy of watching children develop through pivotal stages in their academic journey; from reading picture books to analyzing novels or from learning times tables to mastering calculus, students grow in abundance under our roof.
Absolutely. While most of our locations are operated by the business owner, passive ownership makes up about 10% of our operating units. Key to passive ownership is the appointment of a capable manager with a dynamic personality and a passion for working with children. Once found, we will take care of the rest with our initial and ongoing training.
Although a background in education may help one understand our curriculum and its delivery in an expedient manner, this is – by no means – a requirement to own/operate a Tutoring Club. In fact, our most successful location owners come from a broad subset of academic and professional backgrounds (each bringing their own unique skillset to the table).
We don’t believe that venture capital should be necessary to start a business. Our aim is to keep opening costs low while still offering clients the best possible service. All-in, startup costs generally range between $66,500 – $119,900.
To receive more detailed information or learn about available territories, please e-mail [email protected] with some basic information about your interest. You may also speak with one of our friendly franchising representatives at 702.588.5288!

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