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Lay the foundation for future scholastic success with our early learning programs.

Lay the foundation for future scholastic success with our early learning programs.

Pre-K students begin with letter recognition and sound association to develop basic phonics skills. By learning how to ‘sound out’ unfamiliar letter combinations into words, students start their journey toward reading independently. These building blocks set the stage for a strong vocabulary and facilitate the development of superior comprehension skills.

Investigating numbers and understanding their properties are essential skills for our youngest students’ introduction to mathematics. As comfort levels grow with these concepts and counting principles, students are then taught to identify numeric patterns. Ultimately, students will apply this newfound knowledge to introductory addition, subtraction, and place value exercises.

To connect their newfound language skills to pencil and paper, pre-K students will learn how to form lowercase and uppercase letters, spell their name and others’ names, and create words as they refine their listening and reading abilities.

Pre-K - 1st Grade Tutoring

We Provide Tutoring For:

  • Phonics & Sight Words
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Writing

Pre-K - 1st Grade Student Math

TC Math provides early learners the necessary building blocks to become confident in math. Students first learn to recognize numbers from 0-100 before progressing to basic addition and subtraction. Key to students’ success is then developing an understanding of the properties of these numbers and how they work with one another.With our tutors’ hands-on approach, TC Math will give your child an edge in math and newfound confidence.

  • Writing Numbers 0-100
  • Number Recognition 0-100
  • 0-20 Adding/Subtracting Math Facts
  • Number Sense
  • Place Value
  • Skip Counting
  • Word Problems
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The Tutoring Club has been an absolute blessing for our twins. They have always been a little behind, in the beginning years of elementary school, and proud to say as they approach the end of 5th grade, they are at grade level!! The curriculum is exactly what they needed. The staff has always been accommodating and very sweet with our twins. The twins consistently go twice a week and never complain about going, even an additional two hours, after a full day of school. This was the best choice we could’ve made, to help with their confidence and education.

- Lynn K.

My experience at Tutoring Club was great! They really helped me boost my SAT score and provided me with guidance for my college application process.

- S.K.

After a lot of searching, my husband and I decided to place our trust in Jessica and her staff. I am so happy we did!! Jessica did a thorough evaluation and has done such an amazing job of meeting my daughter's needs. I have seen so much improvement, and as a bonus, I have even gotten to watch her interest in education return. Could not be happier!!!

- Alexis G.

I love this place and so does my daughter. We signed up about 4 months ago, and I have to say it has been nothing but an AMAZING experience. I was a little nervous about making the investment, but it has truly paid off. Not only has my daughter's grades gone from D&Cs to A&Bs but her confidence has skyrocketed as well. Every day she gets out of tutoring she is happy and singing and you can just see how much she likes it. That shows you how amazing the staff is. Everyone is helpful and cheerful and it has truly been great working with them. I would highly recommend the Tutoring Club on Decatur and a special shout out to Mrs. Jessica. You and the team are the best!!!! Keep doing what you're doing.

- Amber N.

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