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Welcome to The Tutoring Club of St Johns located off State Route 13 in Julington Creek! For over 10 years, we have passionately served St. Johns County students of all ages (K-12) to increase their confidence and academic competence!

We have helped many students that have relocated to St Johns’ school to fill skill gaps from previous schools to earn top grades and feel great about school again.

Tutoring Club has certified tutors in Math (1st – Calculus), Reading (K-SAT/ACT), Writing, and Homework Help / Study Skills. We not only do we have a proven curriculum, we get results. Just check out our Google Reviews.

The cornerstone of our offering is tutoring, but we also offer Academic Coaching, study skills course and schoolwork support.

Our individualized approach targets your student’s weak points and improves upon them, bringing their ability up to meet goals that we have collectively established with you and your family. By covering key points at the student’s own pace, we allow them to flourish and learn at a stimulating and rewarding rate.

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605 State Road 13
St. Johns, FL 32259 US

Tutoring Club of Julington Creek (Northern St. John’s)
605 State Road 13 #109
St. Johns, FL 32259 US
(904) 230-2855
[email protected]

Meet Our Team

Driven To Help Your Student Succeed

Kimberly Mullins


Kim has has been helping others achieve their goals since she first started tutoring middle school students when she was in high school. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, her love for math and science fuels her passion to help students discover their passion for learning.

After working as a professional trainer on soft skills for adults, Kim learned about curriculum development and strategies for teaching learners of all ages how to develop new skills, habits and more.

When her own daughter was retained for not being able to read due to dyslexia, ADHD and other processing issues, Kim set her eyes on finding programs to help her daughter, the only problem was her daughter would not listen to mom. When the Tutoring Club of St Johns’ became available, Kim knew this was her calling and opportunity to help daughter and many other students with similar challenges.

Her first year as the owner, her center was ranked the #1 fastest growing Tutoring Club in the World, Year #2, she opened her second location off CR210 and the first center center was ranked #16 in the world.

Every day, Kim learns more about how students with neuro-difference learn, she actively works to develop and improve programs to make every student can get learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and math. She has dedicated her self to helping those students that just a little more help!


What parents and students are saying

Aubry Sekamanzi
I enjoy this tutoring place because the people interact within one on one. This is definitely worth it to succeed in getting into a good college.
Jennifer Kane
When my daughter's fifth grade teacher identified some gaps in her math knowledge we knew we had to get her some outside assistance. In addition, her confidence in math was on the decline. After trying a private tutor without any success, a friend and colleague recommended we call the Tutoring Club, Julington Creek. We made an appointment for her to be evaluated and soon after she began her personalized plan for improvement. It didn't take long for us all to notice improvement in both her math grades and her confidence. The knowledge she gained at the Tutoring Club was instrumental in her success through her 6th and 7th grade math classes. As she began Algebra I Honors this year she started falling behind and struggling. This time we knew exactly where to take her. She is again at the Tutoring Club and is back on track and showing success in Algebra I. I appreciate all of the wonderful tutors who have helped her along the way and the caring and supportive atmosphere that exists at the Tutoring Club! There is no place like it!
Jessica Anderson
Tutoring Club is amazing. It's given my daughter a place to learn and have fun while doing it and creating a confidence level in her that she didn't have before.

Our daughter had a very positive experience with the Tutoring Club. She participated in their SAT prep offering and her SAT scores went up 120 points which qualified her for Bright Futures scholarship as well as additional scholarships. Well worth the cost of the SAT prep. She also utilized Casey Chin and her college admission expertise. She was able assist in application essays and the application process and deadlines. A huge help for a parent who hasn't gone through the process in a very long time.
Catherine Castle
The Tutoring Club gave my child her self-confidence back. She looks forward to going every week. The staff is great, the hours are great, and now my childs testing scores are great. Thank you Tutoring Club for always being so understanding and easy to work with.
Jennifer Middleton
My 6yr old Son was having trouble reading and finishing his home work. The problem was he would get very frustrated and so would we when we tried to help him. It was a lose/lose situation. The more we tried the more he hated it and so did we. I signed him up for 1hr 4 days a week and I noticed a difference the very first week. It's been 7 months now and not only did my son improve his reading to a easy 2nd grade level and his understanding of math he actually enjoys doing his homework now and readying to us in the evenings. Tutoring Club made it fun where I was making it not. He has so much more confidence now! We are all happier because of it. Thank you Tutoring Club!
Keith Frazier

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