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From learning basic sentence structure to developing strong thesis statements, our tutors boil down writing to something scientific and straightforward.

Using Tutoring Club’s unique writing curriculum, our tutors meet your student where they are with a mix of exercises dedicated to improving baseline knowledge of different grammar, punctuation, and structural principles. Our tutors will then immerse your student in the process of writing and help them to find their active voice in a variety of writing styles that — depending on age — range from descriptive, informative, and narrative to expository, research-based, and persuasive/argumentative.

Writing Tutoring For All Grade Levels

Solutions Tailored To Your Student

  • Pre-K - 1st
  • 2nd - 5th
  • 6th - 8th
  • 9th - 12th

Writing Tutoring For 6th - 8th Grade Students

With the right combination of form and function, writing can be an incredibly powerful asset in the classroom. Our tutors walk through each step of the writing process — from idea generation to revision — as a multipurpose tool for both academic and creative writing. At this stage of school, writing becomes more valued as far as final grades are concerned. The ability to write compelling, thoughtful, and critical paragraphs and essays is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity for any student hoping to achieve As or Honor-Roll Status.

We Provide Tutoring For:

  • Arrange Paragraphs Into Logical Progression
  • Use Parallel Structure Across Paragraphs
  • Distinguish Between Active and Passive Voice
  • Implement and Cite Sources Relevant to Writing Strategically
  • Synthesize Information to Support Thesis
  • Analyze and Critique Others’ Writing

What is a TC Writing Session Like?

Individualized Lessons

Tutoring Club believes that learning should be specific to your student. As such, we don’t do whiteboard-based, one-size-fits-all, singular pace instruction. Our tutors get to know your student and their unique learning style, strengths, and the areas in which they could use that critically important confidence boost.

Tutors Who Mentor

When your student arrives for their session, our tutors will greet them on a personal level, outline the goals of the session, and then do what they do best: teach. Based on your student’s last session and their understanding/performance, a new lesson is custom-designed to take their skills further and help them catch up, get ahead, and become more confident.

A Perfect Blend

Our tutors then spend the duration of the session engaging in example questions/problems with your student, allowing your student to then work independently to briefly show that they have retained the key material, and then talk through those matters in which your student needs a bit more instruction and support, with the end-goal of subject-matter mastery and independent learners.

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