Pandemic Update: Outlook for 11th Graders

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Important News

An important piece of news broke today that you SHOULD review: the University of California school system announced a ‘relaxing of admissions standards’. What does this mean? Well, likening these policy changes to commentary on presidential races: “As the UC System goes… the rest of the country goes.” Due to the fact that the UC system is the country’s foremost public university system, their decisions carry weight. Resultantly, many other state school systems (and private universities of note) are likely to follow suit. What will they likely follow?…

At the present moment, the UC’s announced that they will not factor in spring semester grades when considering those applying this upcoming fall. Further, they will not ‘require’ SAT/ACT scores. Require is the key word here— just because the UC System will not REQUIRE SAT/ACT scores, that is not a public indication to students that they should avoid registering for / attempting the tests. Although AP tests are not often REQUIRED, you can bet that they are strongly recommend to be considered a solid applicant to top-tier colleges. Bearing this in mind, the UC’s may not be requiring the tests… but you can bet that they are STRONGLY RECOMMENDING them.


It’s CRITICAL for your students to use their time off from school to their advantage: start prepping for the AP tests that are one month away; start prepping (or continue prepping in enhanced fashion) for the SAT/ACT; ask for tutors to ACTUALLY TEACH what it is they’ve missed (and will likely miss) in important classes that are prerequisite-oriented (i.e. math, science, foreign language).

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