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At Tutoring Club, we believe that educators are mentors. Our team works closely with students to get to know them on a personal level, because we know that there is much more to academic performance than what happens in the classroom. Individualized support is key, which is why we create a customized game plan to cultivate strong study skills and encourage independent learning. Only Tutoring Club offers the commitment to longterm academic success that builds lasting confidence and brings out the best in every student.

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      Why Work for Tutoring Club?

      Great Benefits, Personal Growth & Good Times

      We know that to find and retain the best employees, a fun atmosphere is not enough. That’s why we offer:

      • A fun and challenging atmosphere
      • Quality medical and vision coverage
      • Flexible scheduling and PTO
      • Company events including happy hour, trivia nights, and bowling
      • Career development and growth opportunities
      • TC family discount


      From Current & Past Employees

      Daisy G.

      Tutoring can be a challenge, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Plus, it really keeps you sharp on subjects you learned years ago!

      Eric S.

      TC has been the perfect job for me while I pursue my degree. My schedule is flexible, I get time off when I need it, and when my shift is done, I don’t have to take work home with me.

      It’s an amazing feeling to see a concept finally “click” for a student. I get to leave work each day feeling like I made a difference in kids’ lives.

      Brent M.

      This is my third year at Tutoring Club—two years as a tutor, and one year as director. I love that every day is different, it’s a positive environment, and if I ever need anything, I’m well supported. Some of my coworkers have become close friends. Thank you TC!

      Stephanie C.

      Equal Employment Opportunity

      Tutoring Club’s policies and programs ensure that all hiring, compensation and other employment decisions are based on individual merit and not on any bias towards ethnicity, age, color, race, marital status, religion, disability or military status. We base our employment decisions upon the qualifications and abilities of each individual.