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A building is only as tall as its foundation is strong. We help our students to develop a sturdy base on which they will continue to build lifelong skills.

Tutoring Club’s Letters and Sounds Program teaches letter recognition and sound association to develop basic phonics skills. Students are introduced to consonant letter sounds that are easy to pronounce and less often confused with similar letter sounds. To connect their newfound language skills to pencil and paper, pre-K students will learn how to form lowercase and uppercase letters, spell their first and last names, and create words as they refine their listening and writing abilities.

Students will be assessed throughout the program in order to move on to a new set of letters.
Proper letter pronunciation and sound recognition are assessed prior to entering the Phonics Program.

Our Phonics Program is designed to teach students how to read and write. Phonics helps children to identify different sounds that distinguish one word from another. Children then utilize these phonics to know which letters to use when writing words and therefore become better writers.

Our systematic phonics instruction introduces students to the joy of reading. They are able to decode words with little effort and have the ability to focus their attention on comprehending what they read with fluency as the key to becoming a strong reader.
Fluency is attained when a student has the ability to read text with sufficient accuracy to enable comprehension. Throughout our Phonics Program, students will have the opportunity to practice their fluency skills with over 30 short stories for in-center and at-home reading.
Students will also continue to utilize sight words throughout this program. Sight words are important to help children build their reading fluency skills and help students read in phrases and less one-word at a time. Sight words are also helpful in teaching students words that don’t always follow the different phonic rules.
This program sets the stage for a strong vocabulary and facilitates the development of superior comprehension skills.

We Provide Tutoring For:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Sound Recognition
  • Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Formation
  • Sight Word/Fluency
  • Phonics
  • Sentence Formation
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

What is a Phonics & Sight Words Session Like?

Individualized Lessons

Tutoring Club believes that learning should be specific to your student. As such, we don’t do whiteboard-based, one-size-fits-all, singular pace instruction. Our tutors get to know your student and their unique learning style, strengths, and the areas in which they could use that critically important confidence boost.

Tutors Who Mentor

When your student arrives for their session, our tutors will greet them on a personal level, outline the goals of the session, and then do what they do best: teach. Based on your student’s last session and their understanding/performance, a new lesson is custom-designed to take their skills further and help them catch up, get ahead, and become more confident.

A Perfect Blend

Our tutors then spend the duration of the session engaging in example questions/problems with your student, allowing your student to then work independently to briefly show that they have retained the key material, and then talk through those matters in which your student needs a bit more instruction and support, with the end-goal of subject-matter mastery and independent learners.

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We love everything about the Tutoring Club of Clovis. The amazing tutors and staff make this place a necessity. We don’t always get the great teachers at school and this place is the perfect supplement. Helping our children understand a subject builds their confidence and attitude towards school. Their tutors know their stuff and more importantly, know how to teach.

- A.G.

Thank you very much for all of the great help this quarter!  It made a difference clearly from the prior quarter's grades, and we look forward to continuing the relationship.  Also, Congratulations on the award as one of Arlington's Finest!

- McLean HS parent

I can’t say enough good things about Tutoring Club. My son has been attending for almost a year and the results have been great. I love that they test him along the way so we can see his progress. The best part is he never complains about going because they make it so much fun.

- J.B.

Tutoring Club has helped both of my kids. One has been behind in reading and writing since first grade. Tutoring Club has brought her up almost 3 grade levels in 1½ years.

- D.M.

Tutoring Club made all the difference when it came to my SAT score. My score went up 510 points thanks to all the great work and advice my tutors gave me. Because of the lessons I was given, I exceeded my reach score and received a better score than I ever imagined.

- Yorktown HS student

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