How High School Grads Can Prep for College

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Applying for colleges was a roller coaster of stress for our high school seniors. The whirlwind of applications, essay writing, and anxiety-ridden days as they await their acceptance letters is finally over! Now that your student has graduated and chosen their school, they need to start preparing for the first day of their college journey. Here are things your incoming college freshmen can do during the summer so they can be ready to go with a strong head start:

1. Buy supplies

Start purchasing all necessary items that they may need to take with them ahead of time. This can be anything from standard school supplies like notebooks and pencils to dorm room essentials. A crucial item to have is a reliable laptop so your student can type up assignments and utilize any digital office tools for class. You can also space out the purchases throughout the summer so you wouldn’t be spending too much all at once!

2. Familiarize yourself with the school website

Have your student browse through the school website and familiarize themselves with the layout and navigation. Important links on the website they’ll need to know include the student portal, the course catalog, financial aid, counseling, the library, and the book store.

3. Attend orientation

It is important that your student attends the freshman orientation because it will be the perfect opportunity for them to be guided around the campus, shown campus resources, have any of their questions answered, and receive help in setting up their class schedule. Orientation is also a great opportunity for your student to meet new peers!

4. Complete placement tests 

Colleges require students to take placement tests to determine their ability levels for math and reading. The sooner they complete the test, the better for the purpose of putting together a class schedule. Certain courses require a particular level of math or reading to be completed before your student can enroll in it.

5. Update your resume

Now that your student is enrolled in a college, they can add that institution to their resume. By having an updated resume on hand, your student will be prepared if they need to apply for any part-time jobs or internships while at school.

6. Planning expenses and budgets

Your student will most likely have financial aid, money from student loans, or any other sort of cash for them to spend while at school. Being newly independent, your student might need extra help navigating the wonderful adult world, which includes the fun task of paying for things. Help them plan out expenses and set a budget so they have an idea of how much money should be allocated to certain categories of spending.

7. Plan your class schedule

Browse through the course catalogs offered by the college to have an idea of what majors and classes they offer. If your student has already decided on a major, have them look up what classes they need to fulfill the requirements for that particular major. Whether they have declared a major or not, your student should also be aware of what classes they can take to fulfill their general education requirements. From there, they can plan out their class schedule for the upcoming semester with a much clearer idea of their game plan!

There are lots to do for your incoming college freshman, but hopefully the preparation process amps them up with extra excitement. By going through these steps, your student can feel better prepared for this new phase of their life!