The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

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On one hand, we have students who are so absorbed with school that they don’t explore other ventures. On the other hand, we have students who are involved with extracurricular activities to the point where their focus on academics is left on the back burner and their grades begin to take a hit. What can be done?

Similar to how adults need to find the right work-life balance, students can discover ways to juggle both staying on track with school and expanding their skills in other areas.

If the activity takes up too much time after school and your student can’t find the time to complete their assignments, there are definitely ways to remedy that. Students can take electives that interest them such as art classes or music classes. That way, they’re taken during school hours and won’t affect their study time. There are also extracurricular activities that can take place on weekends or summer only. It’s all about balance!

Now, you might wonder: why is it so important to have students be involved in extracurricular activities?

These activities offer students fantastic opportunities for learning outside the classroom and can have a huge impact on child development. Dabbling in different hobbies can be a healthy outlet for students and allows them to find confidence outside the realm of academia. Whether it’s sports, performing arts, or student organizations, there are definitely benefits to staying involved.

Below are some of the major benefits to having your students participate in extracurricular activities:

Improves physical health

Being involved in activities such as sports or dance is a great way for students to remain active while also having fun! Exercising releases endorphins and serotonin, both of which are hormones that help to improve one’s mood, cognitive abilities, and concentration. While that extra boost in energy and focus can help your students in school, incorporating exercise into their schedules regularly can also help to promote their physical health, prevent depression, and provide them with better sleep.

Enriches social skills

By spending time around like-minded individuals, students can form a sense of community that may be scarcely available elsewhere. They can enhance their social development as they learn to get along with others and create new friendships outside the classroom. As time goes on, your student can become more comfortable communicating in group settings and even improve their self-esteem. These are qualities that will aid them through many aspects of their lives in the long run.

Helps to develop a sense of responsibility

Students can be introduced to a number of responsibilities when they get involved in extracurricular activities. If they are part of a group, they learn to cooperate as a member of a team and can even build leadership skills. These activities can also be a great way for students to improve their time management. All of these skills can significantly prepare your students for the career field in the future.

Looks great on college applications

Other than allowing students to discover different talents and passions, extracurricular activities can also provide great embellishments on college applications and help to set them apart from their competition. These activities show that students are well rounded, have varied interests, and have the ability to take on extra commitments outside of academics.