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Develop the study skills and organizational habits needed to effectively prepare for high school.

Develop the study skills and organizational habits needed to effectively prepare for high school.

To thrive in middle school, strong study habits and organizational skills are more important than ever. At Tutoring Club, we eliminate all the unwanted stress that comes with more challenging homework assignments and more demanding exams. In addition to developing their study skills, we help them navigate their daily schoolwork– from homework and essays to prepping for that pesky Algebra quiz, our tutors can help your student directly with their assignments from school.

For students performing below grade-level or for those looking to get ahead with their reading, math, or writing skills, Tutoring Club’s academic programs are a perfect solution. Our curriculum is designed to boost confidence levels and understanding of key concepts, regardless of your student’s current confidence level. These programs allow for students to take their knowledge to new heights and tackle the remainder of middle school with enthusiasm and self-assurance!


We Provide Tutoring For:

  • School Support
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing

6th - 8th Grade School Support

The dense workloads and ever-changing schedules of pre-teen and teenage students can be overwhelming. By acting as an intermediary between parent and student, we eliminate the late nights and unwanted stress that comes with more challenging homework assignments and more demanding examinations. Beyond the fine details, we impart the traits of successful high school students in students of all ages; plain and simple, we do this so students do not fear or struggle with the transitions from elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, or high school to college.

At higher levels we emphasize the importance of study skills, imparting habits such as organization, prioritizing, note taking, using a planner, and more.

  • Note-taking
  • Reducing test anxiety
  • How to navigate grade portals
  • How to use a calendar
  • Test-taking strategies
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We love everything about the Tutoring Club of Clovis. The amazing tutors and staff make this place a necessity. We don’t always get the great teachers at school and this place is the perfect supplement. Helping our children understand a subject builds their confidence and attitude towards school. Their tutors know their stuff and more importantly, know how to teach.

- A.G.

I have two children at two different grade levels participating in the program. So far each child loves their individual tutors and their experience. They were really dreading having to ‘work over the summer’ but have adjusted well and [are] striving. They seem satisfied when I pick them up, always saying they’ve learned something new or a better way to understand math equations. That’s a win-win for me!

- M.D.

My daughter never struggled in high school till her very last semester in AP Calculus. With college scholarships and admissions on the line, it was crucial for my daughter to at least pull a C in the class. When we joined Tutoring Club, she had a 45% in the class. She was able to pull her grade up to a 75% within a few weeks of tutoring. Not only did she pass the class but she even scored a 3 on the AP Calculus test!

- M.M.

Tutoring Club made all the difference when it came to my SAT score. My score went up 510 points thanks to all the great work and advice my tutors gave me. Because of the lessons I was given, I exceeded my reach score and received a better score than I ever imagined.

- Yorktown HS student

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