What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the reopening of Tutoring Club, effective Monday (June 1st). Below, you will find a list of steps that we are taking to help prevent the spread of the virus and support the health and well-being of our students, our tutors, and our communities. We appreciate your understanding that – as a client – your Tutoring Club Experience may look a bit different as we navigate through these next few weeks and months. We are privileged to serve you and your family and look forward to seeing you again very soon!The maximum number of students and staff permitted within the center at any given time will be capped at 50% of historic capacity.

Barriers, face masks, sanitizer, and refraining from passing objects back and forth are a few ways we are mitigating risk.

  1. Face masks / face coverings required for staff and strongly recommended for students for the duration of their time within center.
  2. Individuals without masks will be provided with a ‘throw-away’ mask one time.
  3. Only students and staff will be permitted to enter Tutoring Club. If you used to walk your student into the center, we kindly ask that you stop at the front door in order to limit the total # of individuals entering Tutoring Club on a daily basis.
  4. All students and staff will be required to wash their hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering Tutoring Club.
  5. Students will be asked to bring their own pencils, pens, technology pieces, and water bottles. Items required for tutoring (pencils, pens, technology) will be available for check-out if needed. In order to reduce these ‘high volume touch’ items from exchanging hands too many times, however, we kindly ask that students arrive with their own personal items.
  6. Staff will clean tables and chairs once one group of students is excused and another is welcomed.
  7. We will not be issuing high fives or fist bumps, or distributing tokens – but don’t worry, we will be utilizing virtual tokens so your hardworking kids can still work towards their rewards!
  8. Disinfecting wipes will be used to regularly clean door handles and other common surfaces.
  9. Where possible, different doors will be used for students entering into and departing from the building.
  10. Plastic dividers will serve as a physical blockade, separating students and staff at the instructional tables and reception desks.
  11. Operational hours will be more expansive, allowing for less traffic at any given time.

Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

As an additional option, we are continuing to offering real-time ONLINE tutoring. It’s safe and easy! Click here or reach out to your local Tutoring Club for details.