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Tutoring Club has helped both of my kids. One has been behind in reading and writing since first grade. Tutoring Club has brought her up almost 3 grade levels in 1½ years.

- D.M.

Got all As....4 Honors classes and B in French 4 ..and has come in first place 4 times on her crew team this season..You guys have been so great and I attribute a lot of her success to your club!! Thanks again for all you do to help launch successful, productive young people into the world!”

- McLean HS parent

“While both my boys are so grateful to have access to the Tutoring Club, K. is VERY happy to have the tutoring help. This has been a rough year for him. Tutoring has been essential. He is maturing a lot lately and acknowledging how much he appreciates your program.”

- McLean HS parent

My daughter has been going to the Poway Tutoring Club from eighth grade to the present (tenth grade). She went from having nearly failing grades and really poor personal organization to straight As, and she is now undertaking AP classes as well as a busy sports schedule. The Tutoring Club staff seems to do very well at finding what works to get these kids focused on their learning career, and their 0% financing options were a lifesaver to a family like ours. It has been money well spent, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

- D.N.

"I am so very grateful for Tutoring Club! Both of my daughters started attending tutoring sessions earlier this year. One was struggling in math and the other was severely behind grade level. My daughters have come so far in just months. My oldest daughter is now above grade level and is no longer struggling with math. My youngest now enjoys to read and is eager to learn more! Thank you Tutoring Club!!"

- K.K.

Thanks again for all the attention and encouragement for M.C.!  She's definitely more confident in her skills and I am thrilled she has maintained the stamina and focus to keep attending!  She's proved to herself she can do it, and I think she likes the reliable schedule.

- Parent of a Northern VA Community College student