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Tutoring Club made all the difference when it came to my SAT score. My score went up 510 points thanks to all the great work and advice my tutors gave me. Because of the lessons I was given, I exceeded my reach score and received a better score than I ever imagined.

- Yorktown HS student

I rave about Tutoring Club Fountain Valley to any parent who will listen. Last year my son spent hours doing his homework. He rarely had time for activities and when he did he was behind and exhausted. He fought me on tutoring. He went reluctantly and feeling as if we were sending him there because he was a failure. I can’t believe the change in his attitude toward tutoring. He loves that his homework is done in a couple of hours. He’s done by 3:30 not 10 pm. He has time to enjoy activities free from the stress of homework. I am free from the stress of having to rush him through homework so he can get some sleep. Many thanks to the staff at Tutoring Club for making our lives easier.

- A.K.

My daughter has been attending Tutoring Club for over two years now. They are always attentive, flexible with our schedule, and positive. With the weekly help and encouragement of the tutors, she has grown in confidence, learned time management and study skills, and has brought all her grades up. She now calls Tutoring Club her second family because she's so comfortable and feels genuinely cared for there. Thanks so much!

- J.L.

We love everything about the Tutoring Club of Clovis. The amazing tutors and staff make this place a necessity. We don’t always get the great teachers at school and this place is the perfect supplement. Helping our children understand a subject builds their confidence and attitude towards school. Their tutors know their stuff and more importantly, know how to teach.

- A.G.

Tutoring Club is fantastic for students looking to receive prep for ACT/SAT. I came here to prepare for my ACT and my score went from a 22 to a 25 in just a couple of weeks. They are also genuinely kind people and the atmosphere is welcoming. Highly recommended for anyone looking for in-depth tutoring help.

- J.C.

We took our third grader in to be assessed after a year of math struggles. Despite all we tried at home, we just couldn’t connect and she told me that, ‘some girls just aren’t good at math, Mom.’ After several months of regular sessions she was not only up to speed for her grade, but helping her classmates with long division. She never once complained about going and had lovely things to say about all of her tutors. She even asked us to sign her up for writing tutoring. I hesitated to make such a big commitment for a little one who was doing okay—not great, but okay—in class, but I wanted her to have a strong foundation in this skill set and even more importantly, confidence that she had the ability to succeed. Tutoring Club gave us both and we are very happy with the outcome.

- J.V.

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