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Are you an ATHLETE wondering what life looks like AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? On December 2, 2020, we were joined by four top athletes who leveraged their love of sports into successful careers. Check out the videos to:

  • LEARN about recruiting, eligibility, academics, school selection, and everything else involved in the process.
  • DISCOVER what it’s like to balance sports and academics your senior year of high school and college.
  • GAIN an understanding of how to parlay your athletic career into career opportunities (in the athletic world and the non-athletic world)!


  • Travis Wear – UCLA / Professional Basketball Player in NBA
  • David Wear – UCLA / Professional Basketball Player in Liga ACB, B.League, and NBL
  • Drew McAllister – USC / Founder of the Commercial Real Estate Division at Nationwide Real Estate
  • Christina Marinacci – USC / Head Coach at Mamba Sports Academy