Tips to Succeed in Math

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Many students dread math with every fiber of their being. In math, new skills are built upon foundational concepts. If a student lacks an understanding of the foundation, they certainly will have a harder time grasping an understanding of anything that comes after. This can quickly lead to the student losing more and more confidence as the lessons progress.

At Tutoring Club, we find that it’s not the subject itself that the students hate, but it’s their experiences with it. There are many reasons as to why a student is not doing as well in math as they would like.

Here are some tips to help your student combat any possible causes:

1. Practice, practice, practice!

Unlike subjects such as literature or history, mathematical principles cannot be understood simply by studying textbooks and taking notes. It is important that your student completes all the assigned homework problems. The more your student practices the problems, the better they will be able to understand the concept. In our lessons at Tutoring Club, we go over a few practice problems with our students then encourage them to try the rest on their own. Practice makes perfect!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Many students keep their questions to themselves in fear of other students passing judgement. In actuality, there could be other students with the same questions who are also afraid to ask. There are no shameful questions! Asking for the teacher to clarify steps not only helps your student, it can help others as well.

3. Understand your mistakes.

When students get problems wrong, they should speak with their teacher to learn why. If they don’t try to figure out where they went wrong, they might go on making the same mistakes. Our tutors are always more than happy to explain to our students where they went wrong and what they need to do to fix the error. That bit of explanation can go a long way!

4. Take detailed notes.

When the teacher is going over the material, don’t just have your student copy down the formulas and steps. Have your student take down the teacher’s explanations along with how they got to the next step. This will help your student to understand the material much better when examining the notes at home.

5. Have a study buddy.

It can help tremendously for students to do their homework with a friend or classmate. If there is something your student doesn’t understand, perhaps their study partner would know and vice versa. It never hurts to have help!

Math doesn’t have to be as scary as some students seem to think. At Tutoring Club, we work with students in their problem areas to build a solid foundation before progressing to more advanced concepts. There is nothing like witnessing our students gain confidence over time for subjects they once dreaded. Follow these tips and watch your students steadily improve!