Educational Gifts for All Ages

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Are you someone who has had their Christmas gifts planned out since summer or are you one of those wayward souls drifting aimlessly through stores for the perfect gift? If you happen to fall into the latter category, we have the perfect gift ideas for you! What better way to learn than to learn through playing? Keep your kids stimulated throughout the new year with these educational gifts for all ages:

1. STEM gifts

Ages 5+: Stem Explorers Motioneering

Have your young ones learn critical thinking and engineering with this incredible STEM kit. All parts are included to build a catapult, a trebuchet, and a windmill. After mastering these builds, they can even design their own machines by following the given activity guide.

Ages 8-10: ​​National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

With all the materials you need readily available in this kit, your kid can build a volcano and watch it erupt! A handy learning guide is also included to teach all about tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanoes, and volcanic rocks.

Ages 11+: Thames & Kosmos Robotics: Smart Machines

This awesome kit provides an introduction to robotics and allows your older kids to build 8 motorized machines. Step-by-step instructions are included to help with the assembly process. Learn coding as you go and watch your robots behave accordingly!

2. Word games

Ages 5+: Trend Enterprises Sight Words Bingo

Trend turns learning sight words into a fun and competitive game of chance. This bingo game is perfect for helping young readers practice recognizing and reading common words. Best of all, there are multiple levels available so your little reader can progress!

Ages 8+: Scrabble

This classic word game remains a family favorite. Not only does it require critical thinking skills, but some creativity is needed as well to earn high-scoring words.

Ages 13+: Scattergories

Test your random knowledge with this fast-paced game! Players try to name items based on a given list, but they all have to start with the letter the die rolled on. Challenge your kids with quick-thinking in this exciting word game.

We hope that this list helps to take the headache out of your Christmas shopping this year. Your kids receive something exciting to do while practicing their critical thinking skills, enhancing their creativity, and picking up new skills in the process! Education truly is the gift that keeps on giving.