Overcoming the Post-Holiday Blues

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After a number of days out of school, cozy days indoors, and bellies full of comfort food, it can be quite challenging for students to maintain the motivation to study or do schoolwork after the holiday break. As tough as it may be to get back into the swing of things, students have reached the halfway point of the school year—it’s a crucial time for students as they only have one semester remaining to either maintain or boost their grades. By now, students will know where they stand in their classes and it is more important than ever to stay focused.

Here are tips on how your student can stay motivated after the holiday break:

1. Set short-term goals

Tackling the entirety of the new semester after a relaxing break can be rather daunting, especially if your student is feeling pressured to give their very best effort during these final months. To avoid having your student feel overwhelmed, don’t look at the semester as one big picture. Instead, try setting short-term goals with your student. Determine what assignments, tests, or projects your student has coming up in the near future. Take on each task one at a time. It will help to put these tasks on a calendar or planner so your student can visualize their to-do list and prioritize accordingly.

2. Offer incentives

During this period, your student might not be in their most diligent mental state. Your student may be feeling burnt out and that’s when procrastination rears its ugly head. By offering incentives, you might just give them the extra ounce of motivation they need to get their tasks done. Whether it’s getting exempt from completing a chore, earning an item they’ve been eyeing, or getting to do a fun family activity, giving your student an award gives them something to work towards other than achieving an academic based goal.

3. Employ positive reinforcement

Be sensitive towards your student and acknowledge that it is indeed difficult to stay focused. Avoid telling your student that they are “lazy” and avoid reprimanding them. Assure your student that what they are going through is absolutely normal and that everybody experiences it. When your student completes a task, praise them for their efforts. Your encouragement can be immensely uplifting for your student.

At Tutoring Club, we offer incentives and rewards to help keep your student focused and motivated. We know that positive feedback is a critical component of avoiding burnout, and our tutors go the extra mile to offer encouragement from session to session. Your student’s victories are our victories!