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Online learning is a challenging adaptation for students and parents alike. With more schedules to manage, more distractions, and less in-person attention, even stellar students are struggling to keep up.

TC’s Guided Distance Learning provides the structured learning environment your student needs to succeed. Our award-winning tutors guide your student through their instruction, ensuring that they fully understand concepts and assignments, answering any questions along the way.

We don’t just supervise coursework: we teach it to them. Because no two students learn the same way, we begin with an academic assessment test to fully understand your student’s learning style and skill levels. From there, we develop an individualized academic plan, unique to your student.

Let Tutoring Club give your student's education structure.

Focused Learning Environment

We supervise your student in a small, focused setting that is free of distraction. Periodic breaks ensure that your student stays sharp.

Tutors Ready to Help

No matter what the subject or grade level, our tutors will be ready to assist your student with any questions they have. Each school day will include focused instruction with a tutor that understands your student’s unique learning habits.

Schedule Management

Let us handle the headache! With TC’s Guided Distance Learning, we ensure that your student is logged in, engaged, and understanding/submitting assignments along the way.

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We love everything about the Tutoring Club of Clovis. The amazing tutors and staff make this place a necessity. We don’t always get the great teachers at school and this place is the perfect supplement. Helping our children understand a subject builds their confidence and attitude towards school. Their tutors know their stuff and more importantly, know how to teach.

- A.G.

Thank you very much for all of the great help this quarter!  It made a difference clearly from the prior quarter's grades, and we look forward to continuing the relationship.  Also, Congratulations on the award as one of Arlington's Finest!

- McLean HS parent

I can’t say enough good things about Tutoring Club. My son has been attending for almost a year and the results have been great. I love that they test him along the way so we can see his progress. The best part is he never complains about going because they make it so much fun.

- J.B.

Tutoring Club has helped both of my kids. One has been behind in reading and writing since first grade. Tutoring Club has brought her up almost 3 grade levels in 1½ years.

- D.M.

Tutoring Club made all the difference when it came to my SAT score. My score went up 510 points thanks to all the great work and advice my tutors gave me. Because of the lessons I was given, I exceeded my reach score and received a better score than I ever imagined.

- Yorktown HS student

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