Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are answers to some commonly asked questions from our parents. If you don’t see an answer below, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer it for you!

The Tutoring Process

As educators and mentors, we create a welcoming social space where our energetic, personable team prepares students to thrive in any academic setting. Students are able to ask questions and absorb material at a comfortable pace, a welcome respite from the stress of school and home environments. Our comprehensive, hands-on skill instruction incorporates technology to maximize effectiveness and keep students engaged. The result is measurable academic improvement, increased motivation, and a new passion for education.

Every student learns at their own pace. That’s why at TC we create individualized lesson plans specific to your student’s unique learning style.

In short, communication. We closely monitor your student’s progress and frequently communicate the results with you. We also monitor your student’s grades to ensure that progress in the classroom is translating to better test scores.

School struggles are often the result of fundamental skill gaps. Progress can be slow in the first few sessions as we address these issues, but we understand that the quickest path to long-term success is to create a rock solid foundation.

We share the common goal of parents, students, and teachers—longterm academic success—and believe our forces are strongest when we work together. We maintain close relationships with local schools while we provide academic assistance to families, acting as an intermediary when necessary.

We don’t have a strict age requirement for tutoring, but we find that students see the most progress when they are able to sit still for extended periods of time.

Absolutely! We frequently work with students to achieve a full comprehension of their homework and ensure that your child completes their assignments.

We offer academic assistance in ALL subjects, Pre-K through 12th grade. See our Subjects page for details.

We offer in-person tutoring at our centers, or online. We do not currently offer in-home tutoring.

Certainly. We check students’ grades often to ensure that the progress they are seeing in our centers is translating to the classroom.

Motivation is often the difference between a good grade and a bad grade. At TC, we employ many methods of motivating students to reach their potential. We use a reward-based system that allows them to earn prizes at the end of their sessions. We also maintain an encouraging, positive atmosphere that allows students to build confidence.

Yes. While we do take outside assessments into account to get as full of a picture as possible, not all assessments are structured to measure the same things. The assessments we use at Tutoring Club are consistent with local standards, and are designed to test a wide range of aptitudes.

We know that a quality teacher can be life changing. That’s why we rigorously screen our tutors to ensure they have the qualifications, teaching skills, and personalities to best guide your student through their academic careers. Furthermore, because we are always striving for perfection, Tutoring Club institutes ongoing training for our tutors to ensure the highest standards for teaching are being met.


Tutoring shouldn’t be inconvenient. We work around your schedule to ensure that sessions are a natural extension of your student’s education.

Consistency is key for laying the groundwork for academic success. We make attendance recommendations based upon your goals, your schedule, and your child’s needs. For most families, this is 2-3 times per week.

How Does Tutoring Club Compare?

At Tutoring Club, we believe that educators are mentors. Our team works closely with students and their families to see the full picture because we know that there is much more to academic performance than what happens in the classroom. Individualized support is key, which is why we create a customized game plan to cultivate strong study skills and encourage independent learning. Only Tutoring Club offers the commitment to long term academic success that builds lasting confidence and brings out the best in every student.

Competitor Comparison Chart

Tutoring Club Kumon Mathnasium In-home
Learning Plan Individualized to Your Student x VARIES
Helps with Schoolwork? x
Industry-leading Curriculum in Reading, Writing, & Math? x x x
All Subjects, All Grade Levels x x VARIES
Repetitive Homework Packets x x VARIES
In-Home Tutoring Option? x x x
Monitors Students’ Grades & Upcoming Assignments x x x
Price ($-$$$) $$ $ $$ $$$


We understand that cost is a significant factor in deciding whether tutoring is a good fit for your student, and at TC, we’re committed to making tutoring affordable for any family. We create customized education game plans based on each student’s individual goals and learning styles, and prices vary based on the number of sessions needed. Contact your local Tutoring Club for an obligation-free estimate.