Lay the foundation for future scholastic success

Phonics & Sight Words

Tutoring Club’s Letters and Sounds Program teaches letter recognition and sound association to develop basic phonics skills. Students are introduced to consonant letter sounds that are easy to pronounce and less often confused with similar…


TC Reading aims to develop critical thinking skills in students of all ages. Reading comprehension skills impact every aspect of your students' education. Comprehension issues can make homework harder, affect self-esteem, and create disengaged students.


Our tutors break complex math concepts into manageable pieces. Students master one piece at a time with the help of step-by-step instruction, building a solid foundation upon which each subsequent unit is built.


Using Tutoring Club’s unique writing curriculum, our tutors meet your student where they are with a mix of exercises dedicated to improving baseline knowledge of different grammar, punctuation, and structural principles.

Academic Programs

Our initial assessment helps to identify any areas in which students may need improvement. We then target those areas through our academic programs.

School Support

From everyday homework assignments to research projects to test preparation, we make sure that your student stays on schedule, understands the material, and performs at a level that they (and you) can be proud of.

College Prep

For many students and their families, the college application process is overwhelming. TC eases the guesswork and anxiety out of this and helps guide your family through the intricacies with ease.

Test Prep

Test preparation is the single greatest academic point of stress and anxiety for our teenagers. We aim to take the pain out of test prep with customized programs based on only one person: YOUR student.

Study Skills

Naturally, you can count on Tutoring Club for help with school courses. From everyday assignments to research projects to test preparation, we make sure that students stay on schedule, understand the material, and perform at…